Sustainability & Domestic Manufacturing

Sustainability & Domestic Manufacturing

The products we buy and consume have an impact on our personal health, as well as the health of our communities and planet. This could not be more present than in the designing and building of our homes, workplaces, and gathering spaces. That is why at Vermont Farm Table we design and build our products to last lifetimes and do our part to make smart and sustainable choices that empower our partners and clients to do the same. 

All of our products are manufactured in our Bristol, Vermont woodshop and through domestic and local partnerships. We partner with companies that manufacture their goods in the U.S. to invest in sustainable products, and to help support local communities and economies. We are proud to create jobs, pay local and state taxes, and be part of a network of domestic and local businesses that is mutually supportive. 

By owning our manufacturing and having domestic manufacturing partners, we have a greater ability to control and prioritize transparency, sustainability, and things like quality, safety and work environment. There are practical advantages, as well, such as shorter lead times, and increased flexibility in manufacturing. At Vermont Farm Table, our just-in-time, made-to-order manufacturing environment allows us to offer a customizable product line and reduce waste, by using only what is required to build a product. 

By controlling our manufacturing, we not only reduce waste but have the opportunity to make important choices to help repurpose waste from the manufacturing process and turn it into valuable resources for the community. As woodworkers we produce a lot of wood scraps and sawdust, which is a valuable byproduct. To limit waste we donate to woodbanks and locals for firewood. 

At Vermont Farm Table we want to do our part in thinking about a brighter and more sustainable future. When it comes to sustainability there are many factors to consider, but a few that have a clear and tangible effect are creating long-lasting products, using domestic and reusable materials,  and choosing to manufacture and partner with companies operating in the U.S. That is why we are proud to manufacture our solid wood and steel tables and seating in Vermont and with the support of domestic and local partners. At Vermont Farm Table we choose to align our social and environmental values to prioritize the people and communities they serve.