Salt® Square

It's time to add a little spice to your workspace. And we do mean little. Salt is a charging dynamo with dual charging USB (2 amps per port) along other data options to choose from. Available in a ton of great finish options. For functionality - and flavor - you can't beat a dash of Salt.

Standard Features:

Finishes: Molded Plastic in a variety of colors
Metal Plated Finishes: Satin Nickel, Dark Bronze, or Chrome
Technology Specifications: 2 amps per port Charging USB
Hole Cut Out Dimensions: SMALL Cut Out of 1 3/4"
Circle or Square grommets available.
USB options are cord ended
HDMI option is 18" corded
Cat 6 option is 72" corded
Cat5e option is 108" corded

Pricing available upon request
Let's Get Custom

Our designs are intended to scale and our whole model is built around custom. Get specific. Personalize your project. Shine. We'll bring your vision to life.


Get what you pay for. We use the best, natural materials, our shop runs on the sun and our scrap goes to local wood banks that help those in need.

Premium Wood Samples

See it. Feel it. Be confident. Order samples when choosing a wood species. They help! Send them back when you're done. Or receive a credit toward your new project.