Square Piedmont (ID: #2237)

Size: 71" (W) x 71" (L), 30" (H), Thicker (1.25"-1.75") Thickness
Species: Reclaimed Pine (Top), Reclaimed Pine (Bottom), Hand-sanded
Top Thickness: Thicker (1.25"-1.75")
Breadboard Ends: No
Edge Detail: Standard Edge
Finish: Standard (Oil)
Peg Detail: Yes
Special Instructions:
(1) Hand-sanded - Kate Nelson (designer) would like to come see the top when it's done to determine if any additional sanding should be done for levelness of top - don't want a lot of "wobble" when it comes to placing glasses etc on the table but like the look of hand-sanded
Reclaimed Pine (Top), Reclaimed Pine (Bottom)
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