Custom Walnut Dovetail Side Table with Drawer (ID: #983)

Size: 16" (W) x 18" (L), 24" (H), Thinner (less than 1.25") Thickness
Species: Walnut (Top), Walnut (Bottom)
Top Thickness: Thinner (less than 1.25")
Leg Scale: 1.5"
Apron Scale: TBD to accomodate drawer on front
Breadboard Ends: No
Edge Detail: Standard Edge
Finish: Standard (Oil)
Peg Detail: No
Drawer: Yes - 2.5" drawer face
Shelf:  Yes - 6" from floor, Thinner (less than 1.25") Thickness
Special instructions:
1) Drawer on long side (18" side) 
2) Place shelf wherever looks most proportional, and holds books and magazines well
Walnut (Top), Walnut (Bottom)
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