Vermont Farm Table Bench (ID: #14311)

Width: 14"

Length: 48"

Height: 18"

Apron Width: 14"

Apron Length: 48"

Extensions: None

Top Species: White Oak

Bottom Species: White Oak

Apron Species: White Oak

Thickness: Thinner (less than 1.25")

Custom Shape: None

Edge Detail: Standard Edge

Breadboard Ends: No

Drawers: None

Leg Style: Turned

Leg Scale: 2.75"

Apron Type: Standard

Peg Detail: Yes

Industrial Levelers: None

Top Finish: Polywhey - Matte (Vermont Natural Coatings)

Base Powder Coat Color: None


Width: 14"

Length: 48"

Height: 18"

Extensions: None

Species: White Oak

Top Thickness: Thinner (less than 1.25")

Breadboard Ends: No

Finish: Polywhey - Matte (Vermont Natural Coatings)

Size/Thickness:14" (W) x 48" (L), 18" (H), Thinner (less than 1.25") Thickness
Species:White Oak (Top), White Oak (Bottom)
Custom Details:Breadboard Ends: No, Polywhey - Matte (Vermont Natural Coatings), Standard Edge, More options configured
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