Vermont Farm Table Writing Desk (ID: #696)

Size: 24" (W) x 52" (L), 30" (H), Thinner (less than 1.25") Thickness
Species: Tiger Maple (Top), Walnut (Bottom)
Top Thickness: Thinner (less than 1.25")
Drawers: Two drawers
Breadboard Ends: No
Edge Detail: Standard Edge
Finish: Standard (Oil)
Peg Detail: Yes
Special Instructions:
1. Two drawers, one on either end of the inside of the apron - with room in between for a chair to slide in and legs to cross. Do you have a recommendation for the width of the drawers given that she wants space for a seat to slide in between them?
2. She wants drawers to have Walnut sides and Tiger Maple on the face. Can we do this?
3. Customer wants a backboard on the back edge of the top in Tiger Maple. She wants it to be 4-5 inches wide, and go the length of the top (function is to keep things from rolling off the back edge of the top of the table). She also wants it to have a simple "design" on the top edge of the backboard - such as a slight wave. We can ask her for a photo example of a design once you confirm that we can do this. 
Tiger Maple (Top), Walnut (Bottom)
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