Custom Metal Console Table (ID: #607)
Size: 17" (W) x 96" (L), 36" (H), Standard (1.25") Thickness
Species: Live Edge Walnut
Top Thickness: Standard (1.25")
Breadboard Ends: No
Edge Detail: Standard Edge
Finish: Standard (Oil)
Industrial Levelers: Yes
Special instructions:
1) See photo for base design: "X" in back, S Metal in front
2) 1 live edge board for top, width flexible
3) Chris would like the live edge piece to compliment his existing table (see ZD ticket 8860)
4) Levelers with felt on bottom so that they don't scratch the floors
5) Chris would like the more curved side of the board on the open/stool side, and the straighter edge on the "X"/couch side. Please send photos of both sides prior to finishing to choose bevel up or down.
6) Please be sure to get max length with no cracking
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