Guardians of the Grain

At the heart of our home is a table we built when we started a family. It wears the signs of years of life and love in Vermont. Some days it plays host to homework, some days it’s bills, and, every day, it’s the place we gather with our kids to eat and chat and play.

Gathering around a table is integral to our family’s happiness.

Back in 2008, we set up a wood shop in our shed to create tables for others that stood up to the rigors and responsibilities of modern family life. On one level, we make beautiful, long-lasting furniture. On a deeper level, we’re passionate about people slowing down, spending more quality time together, and building strong, lifelong bonds.

Vermont Farm Table is all about keeping things simple, sturdy, functional, and beautiful.

We use solid wood that’s been responsibly sourced. We build for now, and years from now. Longevity is a Vermont way of life that, feels like common sense. A good family table is going to take a beating. That’s okay; we design and build for practicality. 

A Vermont Farm Table is for coloring outside the lines, cutting up veggies, dancing on, dressing up with candles and fancy china, withstanding abuse from an 18-month-old control freak with a bowl of mac and cheese and a fork—all things our own table sees regularly.

It’s the act and art of truly living at your table that makes it beautiful.

We’re fired up on the notion that people, pace of life, being, eating, talking and loving together more matters. And we’re here to provide a solid place for it to happen. 

Go forth. Gather.

Jess and Dustin Glasscoe