What makes a table fit right into contemporary life, but also have the staying power to be timeless? It’s all in the intention. And our intention is to honor the tree. If you’re going to build something from a tree, do it efficiently. Source it from sustainably managed forests. All the better if those forests are family-run businesses.

Give it simplicity, functionality, and character. Keep the lines clean, and don’t get too fancy-pants. When there’s nothing
extraneous, nothing showy, when we’ve left no stone unturned in the pursuit of minimalism, it’s probably getting close to perfect.

The highest-quality, custom furniture should be easy to find, full of options, and convenient to purchase.

Our direct-to-you experience makes it easy to create, order, and ship exactly what you want.

We believe quality beats slickness every time.

Bring together family and friends to do work that matters.

Our work is rooted in people and shaped by place. Vermont is a special spot: humbly beautiful and culturally doing its own thing. It’s a place full of do-it-yourself, stick-to-your values kind of people. These are the people who have helped us expand from our backyard wood shed to a state-of-the-art 10,000 sq-ft woodshop in beautiful Bristol, Vermont.

We rely on this team of wonderful, talented Vermonters, and we're proud to call them friends. We’re all in it together at Vermont Farm Table. We believe in living and working meaningfully, we believe in creating a company that can benefit our community, and above all we believe in creating products that bring people together.

We come to work in a place we love, to celebrate the act of gathering.

That’s a darn lucky thing to do.