Salt® Round

It's time to add a little spice to your workspace. And we do mean little. Salt is a charging dynamo with dual charging USB (2 amps per port) along other data options to choose from. Available in a ton of great finish options. For functionality - and flavor - you can't beat a dash of Salt.

Standard Features:

Finishes: Molded Plastic in a variety of colors
Metal Plated Finishes: Satin Nickel, Dark Bronze, or Chrome
Technology Specifications: 2 amps per port Charging USB
Hole Cut Out Dimensions: SMALL Cut Out of 1 3/4"
Circle or Square grommets available.
USB options are cord ended
HDMI option is 18" corded
Cat 6 option is 72" corded
Cat5e option is 108" corded

Pricing available upon request

Premium Wood Samples

See it. Feel it. Be confident. Order samples when choosing a wood species. They help! Send them back when you're done. Or receive a credit toward your new project.