Burelé® Qi

Burelé has always lived right up on the worksurface, making it a great place to charge your tech—and your personal style. Its uniquely customizable top offers endless design options, and now with Burelé Qi, you can add wireless charging to the mix. Personalize the lid with whatever inspires you—color, branding, and even textures—and then simply set your Qi-friendly device on top to charge. And don’t forget that this desktop powerhouse still offers plenty of plug-in options too, including USB-C for phones, tablets and more. A good thing made even better—that’s Burelé Qi.

Pricing available upon request

Premium Wood Samples

See it. Feel it. Be confident. Order samples when choosing a wood species. They help! Send them back when you're done. Or receive a credit toward your new project.